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Hitting The Mark Of Motherhood

   I feel for moms today.  I really do. There’s immense pressure today on you to move up the mommy ladder of success.  “Did you see the snacks Johnny’s mother brought to the t-ball game?” They were packaged in a nice snack box, I better up my game!”
   “That mom went all out for teacher appreciation week at school!”  You get the point.  Social media hasn’t helped.
   Through social media we witness the rise of Picture-Perfect Motherhood. You start comparing yourself to others. And meanwhile, you’re drowning in mommy guilt because you think you are missing the mark again and again.  Whose mark? The mom next door?  The only standard that really matters is God’s.  So, today, we want to consider what is God’s mark of motherhood and how do you know if you are hitting it?  
   In Scripture God shows us the mark of Christian motherhood.  It’s not only the mark of motherhood-it’s the mark for every Jesus follower.  The mark of motherhood is looking more and more like Jesus.
   “My children, I am again suffering labor pains for you until Christ is formed in you.”  -- Galatians 4:19-20 (CSB)
   There it is.  It isn’t your child’s happiness.  It’s isn’t safety.  It isn’t tied to money, clothing, or your child’s performance in extra curricular activities.  The mark of motherhood is to look and live like Jesus.  And yes, it’s the mark you should want and model for your children.  But moms, my aim is for you to see what God wants for you as a mother.  And most likely, if you set your sight on this mark, you will have a Christ-like influence upon your children.   God wants you to grow in Christ-likeness.  If a man is reading this, Guys, this isn’t just for moms.  It’s the goal for every Christian to be conformed to the image of Jesus.
   “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. For those he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son.”  -- Romans 8:28-29 (CSB)
   Listen . . . God’s goal for you isn’t to “go to church.”  God’s goal isn’t for you to have a head filled with Bible knowledge.  God’s goal for you isn’t to get baptized.  God’s goal for you isn’t to take communion.
God’s goal isn’t for you to perform a ritual but to grow in a relationship.
God’s goal for you is to see Jesus formed in you!
We are becoming like Jesus if we are . . .
•Growing:  You are growing in love for Jesus and others. (This includes gathering for worship and growing in groups as well as personal Bible reading and prayer).
- Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in my life?
- Is it evident in my relationships with others?
- Am I becoming increasingly connected with Christ and His body, the Church?
•Serving:  You are using all that God has given you to serve others and build up the church.
- Time, talents, and treasure
•Blessing:  You are living out the five missional practices to bless the people and places in your life.  Prayer, Listening, Eating, Serving and sharing your story of how Jesus has changed your life.
   Growing, Serving, and Blessing is what Jesus wants for every follower.  They are the characteristics of a Jesus shaped life.  And a Jesus-shaped life is a fulfilled life.
  I challenge to set your sight on becoming the person Jesus wants you to be.
   Maybe you’re the mom overwhelmed by the perfectionistic standards around you.
The guilt is overwhelming.  The Good News is that Jesus is the Savior …who if you give him your hurt, He will give you his healing.  He turns your imperfections into perfection. When one puts his or her faith in Christ, Jesus takes your sin gives you his righteousness.  He says, your account is paid in full and oh yeah, I’ll will credit your account.  
   Maybe it’s a character issue? Maybe you’ve been holding back in your love for others because you are afraid they might see the real you.  Jesus sees the real you and you won’t scare him off.
   Don’t become obsessed with measuring up to the mom next door.  God isn’t asking you to be like her.  There is already one of her.  He wants one of you.  And what God wants for you is to be like Christ.  

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