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From Small to Significant: Finding Hope in a Big World
by Pastor Tim Zuck on May 1st, 2024
Feeling small in a big world? You're not alone. In the book of Haggai, amidst rebuilding and restoration, God's timeless message of hope speaks to those questioning their significance. Join me on a journey through scripture as we uncover how even the smallest voices can echo with profound purpose.  Read More
"Rising Above Disappointment: Embracing God's Comforting Presence and Promises"
by Pastor Tim Zuck on April 16th, 2024
Unwrap the secrets to conquering disappointment—just like biting into an oatmeal pie, life may not always meet expectations. But with God's presence and promises, find renewed hope and strength to rise above setbacks.   Read More
Shift Gears: Aligning Your Life with God's Priorities
by Pastor Tim Zuck on April 9th, 2024
"Have you ever felt like life is pulling you in too many directions, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed? Just like a car needing alignment, we can sense when something is off—a misalignment of priorities. This feeling is all too common in our fast-paced world, where competing demands can easily cloud what truly matters.  Read More
"Unveiling Truth - The Resurrection Amidst the Tide of Fake News"
by Pastor Tim Zuck on March 28th, 2024
Amidst the deluge of fake news, we probe the authenticity of Easter. Science, history, and eyewitness accounts converge, unveiling the truth of Christ's resurrection amidst the chaos of misinformation.  Read More
Embracing Emptiness - Finding Fulfillment in Redemption
by Pastor Tim Zuck on March 25th, 2024
In a world of relentless pursuit, the emptiness within persists. The transformative power of the cross offers liberation from spiritual bankruptcy. Redemption fills the void, leading to divine fulfillment. Holiness becomes not just a goal but a reality, as we surrender to the transformative grace of Christ.  Read More
Unlocking the Healing Power of the Cross: Transform Your Relationships Today
by Pastor Tim Zuck on March 19th, 2024
Discover how the transformative power of the cross can mend fractured relationships and bring healing to your life. The essence of reconciliation is reflecting on God's movement towards us and our call to extend grace to others. Learn how to make your move from hurt to healing, embracing the transformative power of the cross in your relationships.  Read More
Finding Security in the Flames: Lessons from Centralia
by Pastor Tim Zuck on March 11th, 2024
Insecurity is like an underground fire, not always visible on the surface but capable of causing immense damage over time.  Read More
What is the Dream Marriage?
by Pastor Tim Zuck on February 28th, 2024
In a world where marriage is often painted as a fairytale ending or a Disney-like fantasy, it's easy to get lost in unrealistic expectations.   Read More
What Can Chick-fil-A Teach Us About Marriage?
by Pastor Tim Zuck on February 22nd, 2024
  Chick-fil-A. If you’re anything like me, just saying the name means you’re already thinking about those delicious chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. But why mention a fast food joint in a blog post about marriage? Well, believe it or not, there's a valuable lesson to be learned here.   Read More
Three Words That Can Change Your Marriage
by Pastor Tim Zuck on February 13th, 2024
Communication is often hailed as the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and nowhere is this more evident than in marriage.  Read More
Letting Go of Malice: The Beethoven Effect on Marriage
by Pastor Tim Zuck on February 8th, 2024
  For nearly two centuries, Beethoven's death was a mystery. The famous musician suffered from irritability, depression, and abdominal pain. His dying wish was that his illness would be discovered so that "the world may be reconciled to me after my death." In 1994, two Americans launched a study to determine the cause of Beethoven's end, and the result was shocking - lead poisoning. Just like lead...  Read More
Managing Your Load: How One Line Can Make All the Difference in the New Year
by Tim Zuck on December 29th, 2023
One little-known line can help you live a less hectic life in 2024.  Read More